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Fire damper PL-10

  • Fire damper prevents smoke and fire propagation through the air ducts of ventilation and air conditioning systems in case of fire.
  • Mounted in the ventilation ducts laid through fireproof walls and ceilings.
  • Fire resistance rating is EIS 120.
  • Consists of a galvanized steel casing (1), blades from insulation material (calcium silicate) and fireproof material (2), thermic release mechanism (3) activated at 70°С, silicone seal (4) and spring (5).
  • The fire damper is open while operation.
  • In case of fire the thermoelement melts at 70°С and the spring moves the blade to closed position.
  • Dn = 100, 125, 150, 160, 180, 200 mm.
  • Install the fire damper in such a way so that the release mechanism and inspection hole are on the side of the wall or ceiling for easy inspection of the thermic release mechanism and its internal part.
  • Building the damper into brick and concrete walls or gypsum plates with the relevant fire resistance rating is allowed.
  • To preserve the casing shape during mounting use wooden supports to prevent possible casing deformation and remove them after the final mounting.
  • Warning!!! Do not install the fire dampers in high-explosive environment or in ventilation systems designed for exhaust of explosive air-gas mixtures.

Design and dimensions

Recommended positions of fire damper

Wooden supports during mounting