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ASA plastic ventilation grilles

External ventilation grilles made of weather-resistant ASA plastic

ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) plastic is a 3-D polystyrene-copolymer with butadiene rubber, an updated version of ABS plastic.

Due to the specially selected balance of mechanical and physical features the material is the ideal option for external plastic products. ASA plastic is UV- and weather-resistant, durable and long-lasting.

ASA und ABS polymers have a similar chemical structure. Acrylonitrile and styrene ensure water resistance, elasticity and hardness. Butadiene rubber adds higher density for ASA plastic and improves its chemical composition. The products made of ASA plastic have numerous benefits:

  • high UV-resistance (due to single covalent bonds ASA plastic is less prone to oxidation and UV exposure)
  • high temperature resistance (thermal deformation temperature is +91 °C)
  • excellent flexibility and high ultimate resistance (changing of plasticity index does not exceed 2 %)
  • fire resistance
  • weather resistance (no loss of mechanical properties and deterioration of exterior caused by negative weather impact)
ASA plastic application

ASA polymers are used in ventilation and car industry (xenon headlamps, car spoilers, radiator grilles, bodies for rearview mirror). Owing to high performance features of ASA plastic it is used for manufacture of window profiles, plastic roofs, external ventilation parts.

Therefore you can shop ASA plastic ventilation grilles by VENTS with entire confidence that they will reliably serve and retain their visual appeal for years to come. The external grilles are available in white, brown and beige colour modifications.

Benefits of ASA plastic products


High mechanical toughness and UV-resistance.


Long-term retention of basic characteristics.


High light resistant

Heat-ageing resistance. The colours remain
bright and clear even after many years of weather exposure.


Chemical resistant

Resistant to sulphuric acid, alkali, ammonia, diesel fuel and engine oil, ethanol and ethylene glycol.


Temperature resistant

High heat and frost resistance means no deformation and no cracks during outer
temperature and humidity drops.


Impact resistant

Improved impact resistance.



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