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Bend holder (bracket) PDV series

Bend holder (bracket) PDV series
Bend holder (bracket) PDV series
  • Wall holder PDV mounting.
  • Quick and reliable mounting of round air ducts at 90° angle. Provides correct bend angle of flexible air ducts to reduce air resistance and noise in the system.
  • Due to its structure ensures reliable mountig with no use of a 90° bend.
  • Reduces energy demand of ventilation system and increases its efficiency due to even structure and no sagging that disturb the smooth air motion in the duct. The multi-functional design allows using the wall holders for 80 to 400 mm flexible ducts.
  • Wall holder is made of high-quality plastic that provides correct bending and is not deformed due to air duct deflection. The air duct is fixed to the holder with nylon clamps


Wrong mounting
air deflection increases air resistance and energy demand of the system.

Correct mounting
correct use of the wall holder reduces air resistance and energy demand of the system.

Mounting example of flexible air ducts with the wall holder
End-to-end mounting
Suspended mounting



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