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Cross Tee KM Series

Cross Tee KM Series


  • For branch connections of the air ducts used in residential, public and industrial ventilation systems.
  • For connection of various air ducts and their integration into complex ventilation systems.
  • Made of special steel with polymeric coating (KM series) or galvanized steel (KM…Zn series).
  • The cross tee is designed for connection of 4 air ducts of the same diameter at 90° angle.
  • The cross tee model KM 125/160 is equipped with two Ø 125 mm and two Ø 160 mm flanges.
  • Ventilation system components are fixed by clamps or any other fixing devices.


Designation   Modification description
КМ   Steel with polymeric coating
КМ Zn   Galvanized steel



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