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DKM series

DKM series

Access doors on a metal frame recessed for ceramic tiles.


  • Designed for wall installation and ceramic tile attachment.
  • Enable quick and convenient access to concealed equipment and utility lines.
  • Concealed mounting for esthetic appearance.
  • Suitable for high-humidity areas.
  • Protected by national patents worldwide.
  • The metal frame contains magnets for plate attachment and hides the tile-to-tile gap.
  • Metal plate for attaching ceramic tiles.
  • Magnetic attachment of plate to the frame.
  • Press gently to open and close or use a cup plunger.
  • A wide range of sizes.
  • Easy installation using mounting foam or mortar.
  • Height-adjustable magnets enable perfect leveling of tiles to the wall surface.
  • Ceramic tiles are easily glued to the plate.
  • Easy care.
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