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Energy saving inline units X-VENT

Energy saving units X-VENT are the best solution for ventilation and conditioning systems!
  • Do you have limited space in the room?
  • Ventilating chambers are not provided?
  • Do you want to conceal the whole ventilation system under the suspended ceiling?
  • Do you need reasonable and energy-saving solution?


In this case X-VENT inline units are the best solution!

Based on inline X-VENT units you can arrange both complex and simple ventilation and conditioning systems. X-VENT units are designed for arranging any application: air supply, air exhaust, air handling with heat recovery.

Advantages of inline X-VENT units:

  • Complex solution;
  • Complete range of products;
  • Small-sized and efficient;
  • Easy mounting;
  • Energy-saving technologies;
  • Complex automation system included into equipment list;
  • Low operating costs;
  • Easy fan maintenance and filter removal;
  • Long service life (at least 40 000 hours of continuous operation);
  • High quality for the best price.