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Fireproof casing KP 80

Fireproof casing KP 80

Fireproof casing for ventilation unit VNV-1 80.


  • Exhaust ventilation of multi-storey residential and public premises with high fire safety requirements.
  • Casing for ventilation unit VNV-1 80.
  • Suitable for premises with mono-pipe ventilation system.
  • Mounting in kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, storerooms and other household areas.
  • Designed to prevent penetration of flame products through ventilation shafts into the premises in case of fire.
  • Fire resistance rating is E90/160.
  • Equipped with a maintenance-free fire-retarding damper and fireproof casing.
  • Made of silicate plates manufactured by special cement technology based on calcium silicate.
  • The plates contain no asbestos and have high mechanical and insulation properties. High hygroscopic and vapor permeable features provide humidity regulation by the material itself.
  • Installed into a wall during construction works.
  • Connected with the main ventilation shaft with a flexible air duct.
  • Сonnecting branch pipe diameter 80 mm.

  • The ventilation unit is fastened to the casing by means of latches with no tools.
  • Supplied with the protective cardboard plate to protect the casing from dirt and dust penetration during construction and finishing works in the room.
Modifications and options
  • In case of two-room ventilation system the casing is equipped with extra branch pipes with three air duct layout modifications for adjacent room ventilation. In such a case the kit for exhaust ventilation of the adjacent room is used.


Fire damper
  • Prevents smoke and fire propagation through the air ducts in case of fire.
  • As the temperature in the shaft reaches 90°С the thermal fuse melts and the damper shuts automatically hot air access off, so the flame and smoke penetration though the ventilation shaft system is prevented.
  • The damper plate is made of stainless steel.
  • Operates as a backdraft damper when the fan is off and prevents air flow from the ventilation shaft.

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