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KOM1 series (round)

KOM1 series (round)

Gravity backdraft damper for round air duct.

Products in this series (8)

Series   Spigot diameter [mm]
  100; 125; 150; 160; 200; 250; 315; 355

Gravity backdraft damper for round air duct. The damper prevents back draft when the system is off.


The housing and the rotary blade made of galvanized steel. The damper spigots are rubber sealed for airtight connection to the air duct.

The damper is opened by the airflow and is closed when the system is off. The damper handle counterweight enables regulation of the damper opening-closing sensitivity.


Standard spigot connection for round air ducts. The blade axis should be in horizontal position allowing the blade to close by its own weight. Correct airflow direction should be considered.


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