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Nozzle diffusers of SD series

Nozzle diffusers of SD series

Nozzle diffuser.

Color scheme

 Beige RAL 1015  Black RAL 9005  Blue RAL 5005  Brown RAL 8017  Grey RAL 7001  White RAL 9016

Products in this series (7)

  • Supply and exhaust ventilation, heating and air conditioning networks in industrial, commercial and domestic premises.
  • Long distance indoor air distribution due to a long supply air throw combined with low noise level.
  • Parkings, sport halls, exhibition halls, garages, storage facilities, airplane sheds, etc.
  • The nozzle diffusers are equipped with fixed nozzles.
  • Made of anodized aluminium.
  • The specially profiled nozzles ensure low aerodynamic resistance and low noise level.
  • The air throw directed from the nozzle changes its speed and temperature while moving in the ventilated area and is directed upwards in case of warm air or downwards in case of cold air distribution. Integration of separate nozzles increases air throw reach distance.
  • The nozzles are mounted in premise in the line of the walls.
  • Suitable for direct mounting into rectangular and round air ducts by means of unflanged folds that are fixed with screws or rivets.


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