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Axial fan VENTS OV series

Axial fan VENTS OV series

Low pressure axial fans in the steel casing with the air capacity up to 12200 m3/h (50 Hz) and up to 12400 m3/h (60 Hz) for wall mounting.



Combined supply and exhaust ventilation systems for various premises where high air capacity at relatively low system resistance is required. OV fans can be used for the direct air exhaust or pressurization in smoke ventilation systems. OV fan are suitable for outdoor wall mounting.


The fan casing and the impeller are made of steel with polymeric coating. OV fan terminal box is equipped with the cord for remote connection.


The impellers are powered by two-, four- or sixpole, single or three phase asynchronous motors with external rotor and built-in thermal overheating protection depending on the model. Ball bearings in the motor provide long service life designed for at least 40 000 hours. Motor protection rating IP 44.

Speed control

Both smooth or step speed control is performed by means of the thymistor or autotransformer controller. Several fans can be connected to one controller if the total power and operating current do not exceed the rated controller values.


Fan is installed on the wall surface by means of a square OV series mounting plate. The fan is powered through the external remote terminal box.

Power supply and installation shall be performed in compliance with the manual and wiring diagram on the terminal box.

VENTS OV fan boiler room ventilation example


Series and modification   Number of poles   Phase   Dimension type
VENTS OV - square mounting plate   2, 4, 6   E- single phase;
D - three phases
  200; 250; 300; 350; 400; 450; 500; 550; 630
ErP data  
Overall efficiency η,[%]
Measurement category MC
Efficiency category EC
Efficiency grade N
Variable speed drive VSD
Power [kW]
Current [A]
Air flow [m3/h]
Static pressure [Pa]
Speed [n/min-1]
Specific ratio SR


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