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Insulating transformer TRF-220/12-25 К

Insulating transformer TRF-220/12-25 К

Products in this series (1)

  • TRF-220/12-25 К

    TRF-220/12-25 К

Picture symbol   Designation   Modification description
  КT   Equipped with a regulated timer with the operating time from 2 to 30 minutes.
  КTH   Equipped with a timer with the operating time from 2 to 30 minutes and a humidity sensor with the threshold value from 60 to 90%.
  КV   Equipped with a pull cord switch.
  КТР   Equipped with a regulated timer and a motion sensor with the sensitivity area from 1 to 4 m and the detection angle up to 100°.
  • Low-voltage step-down transformers are used in humid premises as bathroom and kitchen with low-voltage (12 V) safety requirements. TRF transformers are used to provide safe power voltage 12 V/ 50 Hz for the domestic fans not more than 16 W (25VA) with current load up to 2 A.
  • TRF-220/12-25 К transformer in plastic casing for wall mounting.
  • TRF-220/12-25 КV transformer in plastic casing for wall mounting with a built-in switch. The casing is equipped with a light indicator.
  • For overload protection the transformer is equipped with a replaceable melting fuse.
  • Transformer is designed for indoor installation in areas not subjected to high humidity and temperature influence.
  • Transformer is designed for wall mounting. Provide sufficient air circulation for cooling of the internal circuits.
  • Observe the applicable fire safety requirements while installation and operation. Do not install transformers above heating equipment.


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