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Typical Smoke Control System Solution

Sample scheme and operation of a smoke-extraction system in a multi-storey residential building with an underground car park:

Typical Smoke Control System Solution.

In case of a fire on Floor 2:

Ventilation system: fire-resisting dampers KP and block the floor 2 (closed), thus containing the fire and smoke at the ignition floor, fire-resisting dampers KP and remain open enabling pressurisation of the adjacent floors 1 and 3 by the supply ventilation system while fire-resisting dampers KP and in the exhaust ventilation branch remain closed.

Smoke control system: smoke extraction is handled by the VKDV (VKDH) fan via the open KPDU , damper, the supply air is fed from the air pressurisation system via the open damper while dampers , , and remain closed.