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VENTS Style Duo series

VENTS Style Duo series

Innovative two-speed domestic extract fan with automatic shutters, low-noise operation and low energy consumption. Mounting into ventilation shafts or connection to Ø 100 mm air ducts.

Products in this series (1)

  • VENTS 100 Style Duo

    VENTS 100 Style Duo

Equipment protection rating.

Mark of conformity to the European Quality Standards and Electrical Safety issued by Association for Technical Inspection (Technischer Überwachungsverein, Germany).

CE mark means that the equipment is produced in compliance with the quality and safety standards provided by EU regulations for the given product type (marked by manufacturer).

Picture symbol   Designation   Modification description
    Style Duo T   Off-delay timer modification with operating time from 2 to 30 min.
   Style Duo TH   Off-delay timer modification with the opera ting time from 2 to 30 min and humidity sensor with threshold from 60 to 90%.
  • Innovative extract fan with stylish design for enhanced comfort level in shower rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and other residential premises.
  • Maximum air flow combined with low noise level provide the ideal microclimate.
  • Intermittent or continuous ventilation of bathrooms, shower rooms, kitchens and other utility spaces.
  • Mounting into ventilation shafts or connection to Ø 100 mm air ducts.
  • The casing and the impeller are made of high-quality and durable UV-resistant plastic.
  • Due to its modern look the fan is compatible with any interior design.
  • Specially designed impeller aerodynamic profile provides high air capacity and low noise.
  • A shortened spigot for mounting into a ventilation shaft or direct connection to Ø 100 mm air duct.
  • The fan exhaust spigot incorporates specially designed air rectifiers to reduce air turbulence, noise level and boost air pressure.
  • High ingress protection rating makes the fan the ideal bathroom ventilation solution. The electronic components are protected with tight covers.
  • The integrated thermal actuator enables smooth opening and closing of the front panel to prevent backdrafting.

Design features

  • The motor is equipped with a new energy efficient two-speed ball bearing motor with low energy demand.
  • Maintenance-free bearings contain enough grease for 40 000 hrs non-stop operation.
  • Motor on special anti-vibration dampers for vibration absorbing and silent operation.
  • Motor equipped with electric overheating protection.
Operation modes

Selection of the operation mode is performed via changeover of the switch as follows:

  • Operation mode 1: the fan is turned off by default. The fan switches to the low speed when the switch is closed or to the high speed when the humidity sensor is activated.
  • Operation mode 2: the fan is turned off by default. The fan switches to the high speed when the switch is closed or the humidity sensor is activated.

Manual control:

  • Manual control with a room light switch. The switch is not included in the delivery set.

Automatic control:

  • By the timer T: the integrated turn-off delay timer keeps the fan running for the set time from 2 to 30 minutes after its shutdown with the switch.
  • By the humidity sensor and timer TH: if the humidity level in the room exceeds the set point adjustable within 60 to 90%, the fan turns automatically on and operates according to the timer settings, from 2 to 30 minutes.
Mounting example


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VENTS 100 Style Duo