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Inline centrifugal sound- and heat insulated fan VENTS VKPI EC series

Inline centrifugal sound- and heat insulated fan VENTS VKPI EC series

Centrifugal fans with the air capacity up to 10850 m3/h for rectangular ducts. Designed for supply and exhaust  ventilation systems. Compatible for connection with rectangular air ducts with cross sections 600х300, 600х350, 700х400, 800х500, 900х500, 1000х500 mm.

Voltage / frequency:


Products in this series (6)

    • VKPI 600х300 ЕС

      VKPI 600х300 ЕС

      Maximum capacity - 3350 m3/h.

      VKPI 600х350 ЕС

      VKPI 600х350 ЕС

      Maximum capacity - 4550 m3/h.

      VKPI 700х400 ЕС

      VKPI 700х400 ЕС

      Maximum capacity - 6300 m3/h.

      VKPI 800х500 ЕС

      VKPI 800х500 ЕС

      Maximum capacity - 8900 m3/h.

      VKPI 900х500 ЕС

      VKPI 900х500 ЕС

      Maximum capacity - 10850 m3/h.

      VKPI 1000х500 ЕС

      VKPI 1000х500 ЕС

      Maximum capacity - 10850 m3/h.

    Series   Flange diameter [WxH]   Motor
      600х300, 600х350, 700х400, 800х500, 900х500, 1000х500   EC – synchronous electronically commutated motor 
    ErP data  
    Overall efficiency η,[%]
    Measurement category MC
    Efficiency category EC
    Efficiency grade N
    Variable speed drive VSD
    Power [kW]
    Current [A]
    Air flow [m3/h]
    Static pressure [Pa]
    Speed [n/min-1]
    Specific ratio SR



    Supply and exhaust ventilation and air conditioning systems for various premises requiring cost-effective solution and controlled ventilation. EC motors in VKP fan reduce energy consumption by 1,5-3 times and ensure high performance and low noise level. Such characteristics are of special importance for ventilation of banks, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and other public facilities including swimming pool ventilation. The fans are compatible with 600х300, 600х350, 700х400, 800х500, 900х500, 1000х500 mm rectangular ducts.


    Fan casing is made of galvanized steel and is heat- and sound-insulated with 50 mm mineral wool layer. All inner components are interconnected by means of rivets. The fan is equipped with 20 mm standard flanges.


    The impellers with backward-curved blades are powered with high efficient electronically commutated (EC) direct current motors with external rotor. As of today, such motor type is the most advanced solution for energy saving. EC-motors are featured by high performance and the optimal control over the whole range of fan speeds. Premium efficiency reaching up to 90% is an absolute advantage of electronically commutated motors.

    Build-in functions and control

    The fan is controlled with the external control signal 0-10 V (air capacity as a function of temperature level, pressure and smoke conditions etc). Should the control value factor get changed the EC-motor changes its speed and the fan boosts as much air capacity to the ventilation system as required.

    Maximum speed of the fan does not depend on the current frequency and it can operate at 50 or 60 Hz mains supply. The fans can be integrated to the unified PC control system. The respective software allows controlling all the fan units with high accuracy and setting particular operation mode for each fan.


    The fans are mounted into the rectangular ducts and require no special fixing in case of direct connection. In case of connection through the flexible connectors the fan is fixed to a building by means of supports, suspension brackets or fixation brackets. The fans can be mounted in any position with respect to the airflow direction which is indicated with a pointer on the casing. Access for the fan maintenance shall be provided. The casing is provided with the removable access door for inspection and maintenance purposes.

    VENTS VKPI EC fan school class ventilation example

    VENTS VKPI EC fan car parking stand ventilation example


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