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VENTS VUE P3B EC air handling units with heat recovery

VENTS VUE P3B EC air handling units with heat recovery

Heat recovery air handling units with max. air capacity 400 m3/h and heat recovery efficiency up to 85 %.

Voltage / frequency:


Products in this series (3)

  • VUE 150 P3B EC A14

    VUE 150 P3B EC A14

    VUE 250 P3B EC A14

    VUE 250 P3B EC A14

    VUE 350 P3B EC A14

    VUE 350 P3B EC A14

Series   Rated air capacity [m3/h]   Mounting type   Casing modification   Bypass   Motor type   Control panel
  150; 250; 350   P: suspended   З: low-profile unit   B: integrated bypass   EC: synchronous electronically commutated motor   A14



The VUE P3B EC air handling units are the fully featured ventilation units with heat recovery for air filtration, fresh air supply and stale air extract. The heat contained in the extract air is recuper-ted in the high-efficient plate heat exchanger to warm up supply air. Compatible with Ø 100 or 150 mm round air ducts.


The casing is made of polymer coated steel panels, internally lined with 5 or 10 mm heat- and sound-insulating layer of cellular polyurethane, depending on modification.

The removable service panel on the bottom ensures access for maintenance of the filters and the heat exchanger.

The connecting spigots are located on sides of the unit casing and are rubber sealed for airtight connection to the air ducts.

The fixing brackets attached to the casing enable suspended installation to the ceiling.


High-efficient electronically-commutated motors with external motor. VUE 150 P3B EC and VUE 250 P3B EC are equipped with centrifugal impellers and forward curved blades.

VUE 350 P3B EC are equipped with centrifugal impellers and backward curved blades. Such motors are the most state-of-the-art energy saving solution.

EC motors are featured with high performance and total speed controllable range. High efficiency reaching 90% is the premium advantage of the electronically-commutated motors.

Heat recovery

Plate enthalpy cross-flow heat exchanger made of polymerized cellulose with heat exchange efficiency from 64 up to 72 %.

The enthalpy heat exchanger enables not only heat, but also humidity recovery, thus maintaining stable indoor humidity.

In the summer period the intake air is cooled down and dehumidified and in the winter period it is to warmed up and humidified.

Water vapour from the humid extract air is condensed and absorbed by the heat exchanger plates. The recovered humidity and heat are transferred to the supply air flow. The air streams are fully separated within the heat exchanger and the microbes and smells are isolated.


The units are equipped with a bypass for summer ventilation (cooling of the premise with a cool outside air).

Air filtration

Efficient supply air filtration with two built-in G4 and F8 panel filters. Extract air filtration with a built-in panel G4 filter.

Control and automation

VENTS VUE P3B EC A14 units incorporate an integrated control system and A14 wall-mounted touch screen control panel with LED indication. The units are equipped with the Type B USB Connector for setup of advanced parameters via a specially designed software.

The standard delivery set includes a 10 m cable for connection of the unit and the control panel.

A14 automation functions:

  • Turning the unit on/off.
  • Air capacity control (setting low, medium or high speed).
  • Bypass damper opening/closing for summer ventilation.
  • Alarm indication.
  • Filter maintenance indication.

Extra functions of the A14 automation with the installed software:

  • Fan speed control from 0 to 100 %. Each speed is individually adjusted for the supply and the exhaust fans.
  • Operation control on feedback from HV-2 duct humidity sensor (separate order).
  • Unit operation setting according to the external control relay (separate order).
  • Temperature setting for freeze protection system activation.
  • Control and setup of the filter timer to remind about the filter maintenance.
  • Error code display.
  • Software upgrading.
  • Control of external relay, bypass and humidity control.

Due to low height of the casing the units offer the optimum solution for the suspended ceiling installation in limited installation space.

The installation place must provide sufficient service access to the unit.

Application example

Accessories for AHU:


Model G4 panel filter F8 panel filter Internal humidity sensor (0-10 V) External CO2 sensor External CO2 sensor with indication External humidity sensor Hydraulic kit Air dampers Electric actuator
VUE 150 P3B EC A14 SF 300х220х48 G4 SF 300х220х48 F8 HV-2 CO2-1 CO2-2 HR-S SG-32 KRV 100 LF230
VUE 250 P3B EC A14
VUE 350 P3B EC A14 SF 300х270х48 G4 SF 300х270х48 F8 KRV 150



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