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Ceiling mounted air handling units in compact heat- and sound-insulated casing with water heater. Air capacity up to 3800 m3/h, heat recovery efficiency up to 90%.



Air handling units the VUT PW EC with the water heater are the fully-featured ventilation units ensure air filtration, fresh air supply and stale air extract. The heat energy contained in extract air is transferred to supply air through the plate heat exchanger.

The units are suitable for integration into various ventilation and air conditioning networks requiring costeffective solutions and controllable ventilation. The integrated EC motors reduce energy demand by half up to three-fold and provide high air capacity and low noise level. All the models are compatible with round 160 (150), 200, 250, 315 and 400 mm air ducts.


VUT PW EC – models with water heater.


The aluzinc casing is internally filled with 20 mm mineral wool for VUT 350, 600, 1000 PW EC and 25 mm for VUT 2000, 3000 PW EC units.


Supply and extract air flows are purified through two panel filters with filtering class G4. Supply filter F7 can be supplied with the few models.


High-efficient electronically-commutated motors with external motor and impellers with backward curved blades. Such motors are the most state-of-the-art energy-saving solution. EC motors are featured with high performance and total speed controllable range. High efficiency reaching 90% is the premium advantage of the electronically-commutated motors.

Heat exchanger

VUT 350, 600, 1000 PW EC models are fitted with a counter-flow heat exchanger made of polystyrene. VUT 2000, 3000 PW EC models are fitted with a cross-flow plate heat exchanger made of aluminum. All the units are equipped with a drain pan for condensate drainage.


The water heater (for the unit VUT PW) the heat exchanger is designed for warming up of supply air up to the set level if heat recovery is not enough to attain the set supply air temperature. The water heaters are designed for max. operating pressure 1.0 MPa (10 bar) and max. heat medium operating temperature +95 °C.

Control and automation

The unit includes an integrated automation and a multifunctional control panel with a remote LCD control panel.

  • The VUT PE EC unit incorporates a LCD control panel with a colour sensor display PU SENS 01.
  • The VUT PE EC A7 unit incorporates a monochrome LCD display PU JK 01.

The PU SENS 01 and PU JK 01 are interchangeable.

The delivery set includes a 10 m connecting cable for connection of the unit to the control panel. The freezing protection function is performed by means of the bypass and the heater.

In case of a freezing danger according to the temperature sensor readings the bypass damper is opened to let supply air flow through the bypass duct and not come in contact with the heat exchanger. The heater warms up supply air up to the required temperature and meanwhile the heat exchanger is heated by the warm extract air. After the heat exchanger defrosting the bypass damper closes the bypass duct and the air handling unit reverts to the standard operation mode.

VUT PW EC control and protection functions

Via control panel:

  • turning air handling unit on/off, room temperature indication, low-medium-high speed selection;
  • setting week-scheduled operation;
  • supply and exhaust fan speed stage adjustment from 0 up to 100% during the system set-up;
  • maintaining set supply air temperature by means of controlling the circulating pump and heat medium regulating valve of the water mixing unit;
  • heater freezing protection according to the feedback of the temperature sensor at outlet of the heater and of the return heat medium temperature sensor;
  • safe fan start/shutdown;
  • return heat medium temperature maintenance during the fan standby;
  • actuating external air dampers;
  • maintaining set indoor or room air temperature;
  • control according to the duct humidity sensor feedback HV1 (special accessory) or according to the humidity sensor in the control panel;
  • filter clogging control by motor hours;
  • ventilation system shutdown on signal from the fire alarm system;
  • cooler connection possibility.
Accessories to air handling units:




Type Replaceable filter
Supply (bag type) Extract (panel type)
VUT 600 PW EC SFК 600 PE/PW G4 SF 600 PE/PW G4
VUT 1000 PW EC SFК 1000 PE/PW G4
SFK 1000 PE/PW F7
SF 1000 PE/PW G4
VUT 2000 PW EC SF 2000 PE/PW G4
VUT 3000 PW EC SF 3000 PE/PW G4



The unit is designed for indoor mounting. While mounting the unit ensure its correct position to enable condensate collection and drainage. Access for servicing and cleaning of the filter is from the right or left side panel for the dimension types 350, 600 and 1000 and from the bottom for the dimension types 2000 and 3000.


For attenuation of sound generated by the fans it is recommended to install the duct silencer (refer SR) from inside before the unit. For vibration absorbing it is recommended to install the flexible anti-vibration connectors (refer VVG) on both sides of the unit.

To disable uncontrollable air flow when the fans are off and to prevent the water heater freezing the units are recommended to be equipped with automatic air dampers.

The mixing units USWK are recommended for smooth supply air temperature regulation in the units equipped with water heaters. The mixing unit USWK with three-way heat medium regulating valve and circulation pump provides smooth heating capacity regulation and minimizes the water heater freezing danger.


Series   Rated air capacity, m3/h   Mounting
  Heater type   Motor type   Service side   Control
  350; 600; 1000; 2000; 3000   P - suspended    W - water   EC - synchronous electronically commutated motor
  L - left
R -
  _ - PU SENS 01 control panel
А7 -
PU JK 01 control panel


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