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OKF1 500х250-3

OKF1 500х250-3

Duct direct-expansion air cooler.

Casing material
galvanized steel
Rectangular duct size
OKF1 500х250-3


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How to use freon cooler diagrams:

Air Speed. Starting from 1400 m3/h on the air flow scale draw a vertical line 1 till the air speed axis. It makes 3.1 m/s.

  • Supply air temperature. Prolong the line 1 up to the point where it crosses the outside air temperature (e.g. +30°C); then draw a horizontal line 2 from this point to the left till  crossing  the outside air humidity (e.g. 50%). From this point draw a vertical line 3 to the supply air temperature at cooler outlet axis on top of the graphic (+21.1°C).
  • Cooling capacity. Prolong the line 1 up to the point where it crosses the outside air temperature (e.g. +30°C) and draw a horizontal line 4 from this point to the right until it crosses the outside air humidity curve (e.g., 50%), from here draw a vertical line 5 up to the scale representing the cooling capacity (7.2 kW).
  • Cooling agent discharge. Prolong the line 5 down to cooling agent discharge axis at the bottom of the graphic 6 (152 kg/hour).
  • Cooling agent pressure drop. Draw the line 7 from the point where the line 6 crosses the black curve to the pressure drop axis. (16.0 kPa).