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VPVO fan accessories

  • O-VPVO carrier

    O-VPVO carrier

    Used for mounting the fans to the floor, walls or ceiling.

  • F-VPVO flange

    F-VPVO flange

    Enables attaching round ducts of appropriate size to the fan.

  • VK-VPVO inlet cone

    VK-VPVO inlet cone

    The inlet cone should be installed upstream of the fan to improve the air flow parameters.

  • VVGF flexible joint

    VVGF flexible joint

    Flexible joints cancel out any potential vibrations transmitted by the fans or air handling units to the air ducting as well as partially compensate for the air duct assembly deformations caused by temperature variation.

  • PK-VPVO roof adapter

    PK-VPVO roof adapter

    The unit is used for mounting VPVO on rooftops.

  • Z-VPVO hood

    Z-VPVO hood

    Ensures trouble-free operation of VPVO fans on rooftops.

  • SZ-VPVO protective mesh

    SZ-VPVO protective mesh

    Protects the fans against foreign objects.