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Single phase speed controller RSA-0,3

Single phase speed controller RSA-0,3

Speed control provides not only the best ventilation mode for periodically visited premises but considerable reduction of energy consumption.

Products in this series (1)

  • RSA-0,3


  • RSA speed controller is used for air capacity control of single-speed fans with low power consumption by step speed control of electric motors. Several fans can be controlled from the same unit in case the total consumption current does not exceed the permissible controller current value.
  • The controller casing is made of high-quality plastic.
  • Speed controller has four speeds with output frequency 160 V - 180 V - 200 V - 230 V. Speed controller is equipped with on/off light indicator and control knob for speed switch.
  • For overload protection the controller is equipped with a replaceable melting fuse.
  • Transformer speed controller is designed for indoor installation. Provide sufficient air circulation for cooling of the internal circuits and do not install the speed controller above heating equipment.


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