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Single phase speed controller RSA5E-…M

Single phase speed controller RSA5E-…M

Speed controls enables not only selecting the comfortable ventilation mode for the periodically visited premises but reducing the energy consumption for the ventilation.

Products in this series (4)

    • RSА5Е-2-М









    RSA5E-...-M series speed controllers are applied for air capacity control of single phase fans by means of step speed control. The controller has five speeds. Speed is set by means of rotating the control knob at the casing front panel. Several fans can be controlled synchronously in case their total consumption current does not exceed the maximum permissible value of the controller current.

    Design and control

    Casing is made of steel with polymeric coating. The controller has five speeds with the output power 110V-130V-160V-190V-230V (for RSA5E-12-M modification-80V-105V-130V-160V-230V). The controller incorporates ON/OFF button with pilot light, control knob for speed switching and controller emergency operation LED indicator.


    The integral motor protection device is included which cuts the supply voltage to the fan if the thermal contact in the fan motor is activated. After the temperature drops to the operating level the motor restarts.

    The controller has the following supplementary functions:

    • terminals for connection to the room thermostat or to the icing protection thermostat. In case of the circuit breaking the power supply to the motor is cut.
    • terminals of 230 V, max. 2A/3A/4A for connection and controlling such external equipment as actuator driven air damper.
    • provision for remote speed control (refer the connection options).

    The controller is designed for indoor mounting. Installation shall be performed with respect to the free air circulation for inner circuit cooling.

    Controller connection options


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