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VENTS Quiet Duo series

VENTS Quiet Duo series
VENTS Quiet Duo series
  • VENTS 100/125 Quiet Duo Red RAL 3013
  • VENTS 100/125 Quiet Duo Chrome
  • VENTS 100/125 Quiet Duo Vintage
  • VENTS 100/125 Quiet Duo Aluminum Lacquer
  • VENTS 100/125 Quiet Duo Black sapphire

Two-speed axial low-noise and low energy fans for exhaust ventilation with the capacity up to 170 m3/h. Mounting into ventilation shafts or connection to Ø 100 mm and 125 mm air ducts.

Voltage / frequency:


Products in this series (2)

  • VENTS 100 Quiet Duo

    VENTS 100 Quiet Duo

    VENTS 125 Quiet Duo

    VENTS 125 Quiet Duo

Picture symbol   Designation   Modification description
  Quiet Duo V   modification with a pull cord switch.
  Quiet Duo T   modification with a turn-off delay timer and inverval timer - integrated function of automatic ventilation activation. Once in 6, 14 or 24 hours the fan is switched on for up to 30 min to ventilate a premise with the low speed. On elapsing of the set run-out time the fan switches off automatically.
  Quiet Duo TH   off-delay timer modification with a turnoff delay from 2 to 30 min and humidity sensor with an adjustable threshold from 60 to 90%.


VENTS Quiet 100 Duo and VENTS Quiet 125 Duo with modifications T and TH are supplied with an integrated switch delay timer to avoid the fan unnecessary switching if you use your bathroom shortly and frequently. After humidity increases or after signalling from the external switch, the fan switches to higher speed not immediately, but after the set timer countdown (1 min).

  • Innovative exhaust fan with stylish design.
  • Ideal for intermittent or continuous ventilation of bathroom, showers, kitchens and other utility spaces.
  • Two-speed ventilation up to 170 m3/h.
  • Permanent low-speed operation mode ensures continuous minimum air exchange in the room.
  • Mounting into ventilation shafts or connection to Ø 100 mm and 125 mm air ducts.
  • The casing and the impeller are made of high-quality and durable UV-resistant plastic.
  • The specially designed aerodynamic profile of the mixed-flow impeller provides high air capacity combined with low-noise operation.
  • The compact design enables wall and ceiling installation.
  • A shortened spigot for mounting into a ventilation shaft or direct connection to Ø 100 mm and 125 mm air duct.
  • The fan is equipped with a specially designed back valve to prevent back flow and heat losses during the fan standby.
  • The fan exhaust spigot incorporates specially designed air rectifiers to reduce air turbulance, noise level and boost air pressure.
  • High ingress protection rating makes the fan the ideal solution for bathroom ventilation. The electronic components are protected with tight covers.

  • Low energy demand from 4 W due to a new two-speed high-efficient motor.
  • Maintenance-free bearings contain enough grease for 40 000 hrs non-stop operation.
  • Motor on special anti-vibration dampers for vibration absorbing and silent operation.
  • Motor equipped with overheating protection.
Operation modes of the fans with modifications T, TH:

The fan operates at the low speed by default. The fan switches to the high speed when the switch is closed or the humidity sensor is activated.


Manual control:

  • Manual control with a room light switch. The switch is not included in the delivery set.
  • The fan is controlled by the built-in pull cord switch V. Not applied in case of ceiling mounting.
  • Speed control with the thyristor speed controller or speed switch P2-1-300, see Electrical Accessories. Several fans may be connected to the same controller. Speed controllers are not compatible with the fans with T, TH modification. .

Automatic control:

  • By the electronic control unit BU-1-60 (see Electrical Accessories). The control unit is supplied separately.
  • By the timer T. The built-in run-out timer enables the fan operation at the high speed within 2 to 30 minutes after the fan switching off.
  • By the humidity sensor and timer TH. If the humidity level in the room exceeds the sensor threshold within 60-90% the fan switches automatically to the high speed and operates until the humidity level drops to the standard level. After that the fan continues operating within the set time period and then reverts to the standard operation mode with the low speed.
Mounting features
  • Installation directly inside a ventilation shaft.
  • Flexible air ducts may be used in case of remote location of the ventilation shaft. The air duct is connected to the exhaust spigot with a fixing clamp.
  • Wall mounting with screws.


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