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Roof-mounted smoke removal fan VENTS VKDH

Roof-mounted smoke removal fan VENTS VKDH

Roof-mounted centrifugal fan for smoke removal with horizontal air discharge.


Used in emergency air extract systems and are designed for mechanical removal of smoke, hot gases and withdrawal of heat outside of the serviced premise in case of fire. Recommended for use in industrial, public, residential, administrative and other premises.


The fan is rated for removal of smoke and air mixtures up to +600 °C within 120 minutes.

The fan is allowed to use for general exhaust ventilation if the minimum rotation speed is equal to 25% of the maximum air capacity. The fan is designed for operation in moderate and tropical climatic areas.


The fan is made of polymer coated heat-resistant steel that enables its outdoor application and resistance to aggressive media.

The roof-mounted smoke removal fan models are available with horizontal air discharge (VKDH models) and vertical air discharge (VKDV models).

The fan with vertical air discharge is equipped with a backdraft damper. The protecting grille prevents accidental contact and ingress of foreign objects.


The fan is equipped with a three-phase electric motor rated for connection to 400 V, 50 Hz power mains. The motor is installed in a heat-insulated section and is placed off the transported air flow. The impeller with forward curved blades is made of galvanized steel.


The fan is suitable for installation on any roof type. Sufficient service access must be provided for the fan maintenance.


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