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Modular air handling units AV series

AirVENTS air handling units is a complex solution to create a fully compact and packaged ventilation system.

Modularity is the basic priviledge of AirVENTS system. The modular air handling units consist of some functional sections that can be connected in any configurations to create the various complexity equipment upon the customer request in compliance with specific operating conditions.

Purely high quality components supplied by the leading world-wide manufacturers ensure the reliability of the whole complete unit. Energy-efficient automation as well as units and components contribute much to reducing power consumption costs.

VENTS is the only company with complete production run of air handling units at one manufacturing facility.


These air handling units are the complete ventilation units ensuring the supply air filtering and heating as well as removal of the exhaust air. Application varies from the office and bank premises, cinema halls, gyms and swimming pools to the hotels, residential premises, industrial workshops, stocks and supermarkets etc.

Standard sizes

Air handling units AirVENTS are available in 14 standard sizes for the air capacity from 1500 up to 128000 m3/h.