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Speed controller RS-1-300

Speed controller RS-1-300

Applied in ventilation systems for switching ON/OFF and speed controlling of single-phase power-controlled motors.

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  • RS-1-300



Applied in ventilation systems for switching ON/ OFF and speed controlling of single phase powercontrolled motors. Several fans can be operated synchronously in case their total consumption current does not exceed the maximum permissible current value.

Design and control

The controller casing is made of plastic. The controller is featured with high efficiency and control accuracy. Switching to the maximum speed is effected by means of regulating the control knob. Regulating starts from the minimum to the maximum voltage value for the fan stable running. The minimum speed is set by means of the potentiometer at PCB.


The controller incorporates a thermal fuse for motor overload protection.


The controller is designed for indoor mounting into special flush mounting junction box MKV-2 (under separate order) or into standard round electric junction boxes.

Flush mounting junction box MKV-2


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