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Supply and exhaust metal door grilles MVMA series

Supply and exhaust metal door grilles MVMA series

Color scheme

 Beige RAL 1015  Black RAL 9005  Blue RAL 5005  Brown RAL 8017  Grey RAL 7001  White RAL 9016
Modification description
MVMA…An   grilles from anodized aluminium.
MVMA…«colour code»   colourful polymer painted models.
MVMA …s   models from aluminium with a protecting insect screen.
MVMA…s An   models from anodized aluminium and a protecting insect screen.
  • Mounting in door leaves of bathrooms, kitchens, etc.
  • Suitable for installation into window sills for correct warm air distribution from radiators.
  • Used to arrange correct air circulation in premises.
  • Made of polymer-coated or galvanized steel and are suitable for painting in various colours.
  • Fixing with lugs.
  • Modifications with a protecting insect screen are available.
  • Minimum door leaf thickness is 32 mm.
Mounting example


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