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Supply and exhaust metal hoods MVM...bV N series

Supply and exhaust metal hoods MVM...bV N series

Products in this series (4)

    • MVM 102 bV N

      MVM 102 bV N

      Air pass - 48 сm2.

      MVM 122 bV N

      MVM 122 bV N

      Air pass - 82 сm2.

      MVM 152 bV N

      MVM 152 bV N

      Air pass - 126 сm2.

      MVM 202 bV N

      MVM 202 bV N

      Air pass - 178 сm2.

    • Decoration of supply and exhaust vents of public, residential and industrial ventilation systems.
    • Applicable for HVAC systems.
    • Made of stainless steel.
    • Directing vanes and an insect screen included.
    • Rubber seals for tight contact to the wall.
    • Equipped with a round Ø100, 125 or 150 mm spigot for connection to air ducts.
    • Fixing with screws.


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