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Centrifugal fan in scroll casing VENTS VCU series

Centrifugal fan in scroll casing VENTS VCU series

Single-inlet scroll-type centrifugal fans with external rotor motor and the air capacity up to 2000 m3/h. The fan is designed for the supply and exhaust ventilation systems.

Series   Number of poles   Phase   Impeller diameter, mm   Impeller width, mm
  2, 4   E - single phase   140; 160; 180; 200; 225; 250   60;62;80;90;92;102;140

Designed for supply and exhaust ventilation of various premises. The fan can be used as a components for ventilation and air conditioning systems and is suitable for outside mounting.


The fan casing is made of steel with polymeric coating.


The impeller with forward-curved blades of galvanized steel is powered by 2- and 4-pole asynchronous motor with external rotor. The motors are equipped with incorporated thermal overheating protection with automatic restart as well as ball bearings for long service life. For precise features, safe operation and low noise, each turbine is dynamically balanced while assembling. Motor protection rating IP 44.

Speed control

Both smooth and step speed control is performed with the symistor or autotransformer controller. Several fans can be connected to one controller in case the total power and operating current do not exceed the controller rated values.

Selection table for accessories:
Type   Rubber anti-vibration mounts   Flange   Grille
VCU 2Е 140х60
  VVCr 8   FVC-VCU 140   RVC 140
VCU 2Е 160х62
  VVCr 8   FVC-VCU 160   RVC 160
VCU 2Е 160х90
  VVCr 8   FVC-VCU 160   RVC-VCU 160
VCU 4Е 180х92
  VVCr 8   FVC-VCU 180   RVC-VCU 180
VCU 4Е 200х80
  VVCr 8   FVC-VCU 200   RVC-VCU 200
VCU 4Е 200х102   VVCr 8   FVC-VCU 200   RVC-VCU 200
VCU 4E 225х102
  VVCr 16   FVC-VCU 200/ FVC-VCU 225   RVC-VCU 200/ RVC-VCU 225
VCU 4Е 250х102
  VVCr 16   FVC-VCU 250   RVC-VCU 250
VCU 4Е 250х140
  VVCr 16   FVC-VCU 250   RVC-VCU 250
FVC-VCU Flange
designed to connect round ducts to VCU fans.
RVC-VCU Grille
designed for fan protection against foreign objects.
Anti-vibration mounts VVCr
Designed for noise reduction and vibration dampering produced by the fans.Provide dynamic loading decrease and increase reliability and durability of ventilation equipment.
    Anti-vibration mount VVCr

The fan is suitable for installation in ventilating chambers, air conditioning units or can be used separately. In case of independent operation it can be connected to air ducts by means of either both exhaust and inlet branch pipes or exhaust branch pipe only. The exhaust and intake branch pipes have rectangular or circular sections accordingly. Power is supplied by means of the external terminals.

VENTS VCU fan car workshop ventilation example


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VCU 2E 160x62
VCU 2E 160x90