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ICF impulse centrifugal fans

ICF impulse centrifugal fans

Impulse centrifugal fans with fire resistance limit 200 °C/2 h, 300 °C/2 h and 400 °C/2 h for ventilation of underground parkings. Compactness. Power. Efficiency.

Model   Fan pull [N]   Pole number   Fire resistance limit/hrs
ICF (Impulsion Centrifugal Fan)   50N
75N (85N)
4/6 (applicable for doublespeed models)
4/8 (applicable for doublespeed models)
  no number: max. +55оС
200/2 - 200оС/2 hrs.
300/2 - 300оС/2 hrs.
400/2 - 400оС/2 hrs.

Impulse centrifugal fans ICF are designed for general purpose ventilation of underground and semiopened parkings, smoke extraction in case of fire as a part of smoke extract system. The fans generate a high-speed and high-pressure directed air jet.

  • Single-speed
  • Double-speed

ICF casing is made of polymer coated steel. Due to low height of the casing the fan is recommended for use in low-ceilinged room. The protecting grille on the intake side prevents ingress of foreign objects into the fan. Deflector plates on the exhaust side of the fan ensure correct air flow distribution.


Single- or double-speed 4-, 6- or 8-pole asynchronous motors. Motor ingress protection rating is IP 55.


The impeller with backward curved steel blades.


ICF fans are designed for ceiling mounting and fixation by means of the supplied fixing brackets. Power is supplied through the internal terminal box. The fan wiring and mounting must be made according to the instructions and the wirind diagram shown in the terminal box.


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