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NKP Series  new series

NKP Series

Heater for heat exchanger freeze protection.

Products in this series (9)

Series   Connected air duct diameter
  Heater power [kW]   Phase
NKP   125; 160; 200   0,6; 0,8; 1,2; 1,7; 2,0   1 - single phase

Duct electric heater for heat exchanger freeze protection by means of supply air preheating and supply air duct temperature maintaining at a point that ensures heat exchanger freezing protection. Compatible with round Ø125, 160 and 200 mm air ducts.


The casing and the control box are made of galvanized steel and the heating elements are made of stainless steel.

The heater casing is extra heat insulated with 20 mm non-flammable mineral wool layer.

The heater spigots are rubber sealed for airtight connection to the air ducts.

NKP duct heaters are equipped with a power cable and a control cable for connection to a controller of an air handling unit.

Air temperature is controlled with a triac power controller that switches the maximum load on/off. Load is commutated with a semiconductor (triac). The heaters are equipped with overheat protection thermostats:

  • self-resetting overheat protection thermostat actuated at +50 °C.
  • emergency overheat protection thermostat actuated at +50 °C.

The heater design ensures its connection to round air ducts by means of the clamps from the delivery set. The arrow on the heater casing must match the air flow direction in the system.

The heater is connected to a controller of an air handling unit via the supplied cable with socket connectors.

The control box cover must be directed upwards with the maximum deviation angle 90°.

The control box cover must not be directed downwards.

Compatibility table:
Heater model (connected air duct diameter) Air handling unit model
NKP 125 VUT 160 V EC A11
VUT 160 PB EC A11
NKP 160 VUT 350 VB EC A11
VUT 350 PB EC A11
NKP 200 VUT 550 VB EC A11


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