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Air curtain VENTS PVZ

Air curtain VENTS PVZ

Air curtains are designed against cold or hot air stream penetration into door or window openings. Can be equipped with water heating coils or electrical heating batteries. Available standard sizes: 600х350, 700х400, 800х500, 900х500 mm.

Products in this series (4)

    • PVZ 600x350

      PVZ 600x350

      Maximum capacity - up to 4000 m3/h.

      PVZ 700x400

      PVZ 700x400

      Maximum capacity - up to 6000 m3/h.

      PVZ 800х500

      PVZ 800х500

      Maximum capacity - up to 6200 m3/h.

      PVZ 900x500

      PVZ 900x500

      Maximum capacity - up to 8400 m3/h.

    Series   Standard size   Heater type   Slit outlet section length
      W - water
    E -
    N -
    no heater
      2; 2,5; 3; 3,5; 4; 4,5; 5

    The air curtains are designed to prevent the cold or hot air streams from outside into door openings or gateways.

    The height or width of the covered areas ranges from 2 to 5 meters. The air curtains are suitable for crowded premises with increased traffic load. Designed for application in manufacturing premises, stocks, garages, car service centers and car wash shops, shopping malls, super- and hypermarkets, conference and exhibition halls, and other premises.

    Operating logic of the air curtain

    Rectangular duct high pressure fan is applied in air curtain. The supply air is filtered and then supplied to the premise through a narrow slit which ensures the outlet air speed increase and its correct operation. If the curtain has a water or electrical heater the supplied air is warmed up to the set temperature. The aerodynamic barrier created in such a way separates the premise from environment.


    Air curtains are available in 4 standard sizes depending on the capacity. The curtains and their components are made of galvanized steel. Rectangular duct high pressure fan serves for air supply. G4 panel filter provides air filtration. Air heating is effected by means of water heating coils or electrical heater. If water serve as a heat medium these curtain types are suitable for the premises with the indoor temperature not below 0оС only. Air distribution is performed through the slit sections. The standard slit sections are 1 to 1.5 m long that enables easy selection for any door opening.

    Overall dimensions:

        PVZ 600x350   PVZ 700x400   PVZ 800x500   PVZ 900x500
    B, [mm]
      600   700   800   900
    L, [mm]
      350   400   500   500
    H1, [mm[
      from 2.0 up to 5.0
    H2 (curtain with no heating) [mm]
      1150   1300   1450   1520
    H2 (curtain with water heater) [mm]
      1350   1500   1650   1720
    H2 (curtain with electric heater) [mm]   1350   2050   1960   2270


    Fan motor

    The impellers with forward-curved blades made of galvanized steel are powered by four- or six-pole asynchronous motors with external rotor. The fans with such turbine modification are featured with relatively high pressure differential and high air flow capacity. For thermal overheating protection the thermal contacts with the leaded terminals are built in the motor winding for connection to the external protection devices.


    Both horizontal and vertical mounting is possible. In case of horizontal mounting the air curtain is fixed above the door opening and creates the air stream vertically downwards along the whole opening width. In case of vertical mounting the curtain is fixed at one side or at both sides of the opening and the air is streamed horizontally. One vertical curtain covers 10 to 12 m2 space and for larger surfaces the air curtains at both sides shall be installed to increase the effective area.


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