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Axial roof fan VENTS VOK series

Axial roof fan VENTS VOK series

Axial roof fans in the steel casing with the horizontal exhaust of air and the air capacity up to 2500 m3/h.

Voltage / frequency:


Products in this series (6)

    • VOK 2E 200*

      VOK 2E 200*

      Maximum capacity - 860 m3/h.

      VOK 2E 250*

      VOK 2E 250*

      Maximum capacity - 1050 m3/h.

      VOK 4E 250*

      VOK 4E 250*

      Maximum capacity - 800 m3/h.

      VOK 2E 300

      VOK 2E 300

      Maximum capacity - 2230 m3/h.

      VOK 4E 300*

      VOK 4E 300*

      Maximum capacity - 1340 m3/h.

      VOK 4E 350

      VOK 4E 350

      Maximum capacity - 2500 m3/h.

    Series   Motor modification   Impeller diameter
    Number of poles Phase
      2, 4 E- single phase   200; 250; 300; 350
    ErP data  
    Overall efficiency η,[%]
    Measurement category MC
    Efficiency category EC
    Efficiency grade N
    Variable speed drive VSD
    Power [kW]
    Current [A]
    Air flow [m3/h]
    Static pressure [Pa]
    Speed [n/min-1]
    Specific ratio SR

    Exhaust ventilation system for various premises for roof mounting. Compatible with Ø 200 to 500 mm round air ducts.


    The fan casing is made of steel with polymeric coating.


    The impellers are powered with two- or four-pole, single- or three-phase asynchronous motors with external rotor and built-in thermal overheating protection with automatic restart depending on the model. Ball bearings in the motor ensure long service life. Motor protection rating IP 44.

    Speed control

    Both smooth or step speed control is performed by means of the thyristor or autotransformer controller. Several fans can be connected to one controller under condition that the total power and operating current do not exceed the rated controller values.


    The fan is mounted on the roof directly above the ventilating duct or shaft and is firmly fixed to the flat surface by means of a connecting plate. While mounting VOK fans directly onto the flat roof a supporting block shall be provided to prevent water and snow drops into the vent of the ventilation shaft.

    Electrical connection and installation shall be performed in compliance with the manual and circuit diagram on the terminal box.


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    • SR series (round)

      SR series (round)

    • KOM series

      KOM series

    • Speed controller RS-1-300

      Speed controller RS-1-300

    • Single phase speed controller RSA5E-2-P

      Single phase speed controller RSA5E-2-P

    • SRF series

      SRF series

    • Speed controller RS-1-400

      Speed controller RS-1-400

    • Single phase speed controller RSA5E-…M

      Single phase speed controller RSA5E-…M

    • Speed controller RS-…N (V)

      Speed controller RS-…N (V)

    • Mounting frame RKV

      Mounting frame RKV

    • Mounting frame RKVI (insulated)

      Mounting frame RKVI (insulated)