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Installation. Ducts



FlexiVent air ducts are made of high-quality plastic using the co-extrusion technology which involves pressing two materials through the same die to produce a single piece.
Co-extruded plastic profiles have a number of advantages such as resistance to temperature changes, impact resistance and ease of care. The corrugations make semi-rigid air ducts highly flexible. This feature allows for easy bending at any point without any special tools or equipment.


The air ducts are rated for the maximum pressure of 8 kN/m2


A smooth inner surface of the air ducts makes cleaning easy
Easy to trim Easy to trim
Inside wooden floor structures through the beams Embedded into the cement screed of the floor
Inside the suspended ceiling space Floor connector coverage with cement screed (combined with a heated floor system)


The duct is fitted with a slip-on seal to retain air-tightness class C (available as an accessory). The lock ring (supplied) ensures reliable fixation of the air duct.




To prevent penetration of construction waste into the ducts during installation use a special duct plug.